NAFTI Graduate Premieres First Feature Length Film
Published on : 13-Feb -2017    Source : NAFTI

Peter Sedufia

Peter Sedufia, who earned his B.F.A in film directing from NAFTI in 2015, emerging as valedictorian of his year group, premieres his first full length feature film titled, "KETEKE," at the Silverbird Cinema, at the Accra Mall, on March 4, 2017.

“KETEKE” tells a story focused on the 1980s rail service system in Ghana. A couple, BOI (Adjetey Anang) and ATSWEI (Lydia Forson), living in Puna, is bent on delivering their first baby in their home town Akete. Very close to the childbirth, the couple heads to Akete. Unfortunately, they miss the train, and the train service is the only means of transport from the outskirts to the town.  In their haste to get there, they compound their situation with a wrong decision and they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Now will the couple make it on time for the delivery, or, risk losing the baby and mother? Enjoy the thrill of this drama while romanticizing about the railway system in Ghana.

As a NAFTI student, Peter's short film “The Traveller” won the FESPACO Special Jury Prize for African Film Schools Category. In his final year, Peter wrote, produced and directed the “Master and 3 Maids” - a critically acclaimed comedy series which aired on Viasat 1 in 2016. Peter currently works as a Production Associate and teaching assistant at NAFTI.


The film "Keteke," is financed by Peter, with support from friends, and produced with a talented crew who are all graduates and colleagues from NAFTI including Laurene Addy (Co-Producer), Lawrence Agbetsise (Assistant Director), Anny Araba Adams ( Script Supervisor), Richard Kelly Doe ( Director of Photography), Dennis Danquah (Sound) Benjamin Hwedieh (Art Director) Emmanuel Quist-Haynes (Set Designer) Vivian Adjetey (Costume and Make-ups)  Student Production Assistants (Paapa Oduro, Dennis Obuobi, Musharafa Alolo, and  Fahima).

Don't miss this exciting Premiere on March 4 at the Silver Bird Cinema (7pm and 9pm).


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