CCNA strengthens partnership with Ghana's NAFTI
Published on : 14-Feb -2017    Source : NAFTI



Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) strengthens partnership with Ghana’s National Film and Television Institute

 CCNA will host new series of workshops in Ghana

Accra, Ghana; 13 February 2017: As part of a three-year partnership agreement signed in 2016, between Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) and the National Film and Television Institute, Ghana (NAFTI), a second series of workshops, facilitated by experts from CCNA, is being organized at NAFTI from February 13-17, 2017 in Ghana.

The objective of the partnership and the workshops is to strengthen the knowledge, capacity and skills of Ghana’s creative and professional talents in film and photography, and create rewarding career opportunities for them. CCNA will work with NAFTI, the main film school in Ghana, in organising the workshops.  

The first set of workshops, which took place in July of 2016 and was attended by NAFTI students and industry practioners, included short courses in videography and photography, and raised awareness of Canon’s latest affordable technology in imaging and their capabilities.

Roman Troedhandl, Managing Director, Canon Central and North Africa, said: “Our partnership with National Film and Television Institute is aimed at supporting the nation’s goal of training the next generation of talent. The workshops provide the required skills and knowledge needed to promote creative talent and encourage the growth of the film and photography sectors in the country.”

The second group of workshops includes courses in lighting, video film making, and sports photography.

The first of two workshops on speedlite lighting and lighting for film will be held from the 13th-16th February by Canon Trainer Raul Gabat and Canon Ambassador Mark Williams. It will cover key topics such as ‘Why use flash?’ ‘Flash Basics’, ‘Flash exposure metering systems’, ‘The effects of flash on exposure’ and ‘Wireless flash’.

The workshop on ‘Canon Basic Video Filmmaking’ will have six modules including ‘Intro to Filmmaking & Filmmaking Cameras’, ‘Shooting for Stills vs Shooting for Video’, ‘Grammar of filmmaking’, ‘Controlling & Changing Screen Direction’, ‘External Elements’, and a ‘Practical Assessment’. It will include pre-course and post-course assessments and with a variety of practical sessions, and conclude with a post course tracker.

Canon Explorer, Eddie Keogh, a renowned sports photographer from the UK, will host an exclusive Sports photography short course’. He has worked for a number of leading UK national newspapers and is currently associated with Thompson Reuters photo agency. The workshop will be held from February 13-17 and cover topics such as ‘Sports photography 101’, as well as lectures on location and live shooting experiences in both football and boxing games.


Professor Linus Abraham, the Rector of NAFTI said "The partnership between NAFTI AND Canon is a very strategic one geared towards developing not only the knowledge of faculty and students of NAFTI but also shoring up the professional skills and knowledge of the film and photography industry as a whole in Ghana'

The partnership with NAFTI is the company’s second strategic one in Ghana after Invest in Africa to launch the Canon ‘Professional Print Excellence’ programme aimed at training and mentoring small and medium sized printing companies in Ghana.

It is also a testament to Canon’s Miraisha Sustainability programme which celebrated its second anniversary and is aimed at building the capacity and skills of people in the African countries in which Canon operates. The initiative has been inspired by ‘Kyosei’ the company’s corporate philosophy which embodies the ideal of living and working together for the common good.



About Canon Central and North Africa:

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) is a division within Canon Middle East FZ LLC (CME), a subsidiary of Canon Europe.

The formation of CCNA in 2015 is a strategic step that aims to enhance Canon’s business within the Africa region - by strengthening Canon’s in-country presence and focus. CCNA also demonstrates Canon’s commitment to operating closer to its customers and meeting their demands in the rapidly evolving African market.

Canon has been represented in the Africa continent for more than 15 years through distributors and partners that have successfully built a solid customer base in the region. CCNA will ensure the provision of high quality, technologically advanced products that meet the requirements of Africa’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

With over 100 employees, it will manage sales and marketing activities across 44 countries in Africa. Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei – ‘living and working together for the common good’. For more information, log on to:


About National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI):

The National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) was established by the Government of Ghana in 1978 as an institute of higher education in Film and Television production. NAFTI is recognized as an institution of excellence in training in film & television.

Since 1979, NAFTI has graduated students in the various fields of film and television production, including Film Directing, Film Sound Production, Motion Picture Photography, Animation, Art Direction, Television Production, and Film and Video Editing. 

The graduates have come from over 13 other African countries. NAFTI is currently being transformed into a Media and Creative Arts University to support professionalisation of the creative arts industries in the country.


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