NAFTI Lecturer to Hold Art Exhibition
Published on : 16-Feb -2017    Source : NAFTI

Efo Sela Kodjo Adjei - Huntered Huntered CampaignEfo Sela Kodjo Adjei, an Assistant Lecturer in the Multimedia Production Department of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) will hold an Art Exhibition in a week.

The exhibition titled “Hunter Huntered” is a creative visualisation of an unrepentant and thought-provoking portrayal of Black Power. It is a social shaming meant to remind Africans of the rebellious and courageous ideals they have to live up to in order to preserve the African race.

Hunter Huntered Art Exhibition takes place at Brazil House on February 21, 2017. The exhibition will be curated by Dr. Qbadele Kambon and Mantse Aryeequaye.

Efo Sela Kodjo Adjei in addition to being an academic, is a Ghanaian Artist.

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