2018 Matriculants of NAFTI reminded of the power they will wield in four years
Published on : 19-Dec -2018    Source : NAFTI

2018 Matriculants of NAFTIThe National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) held its 20th Matriculation on Friday, November 30, 2018.

At the ceremony, 87 freshmen and women were out doored, and were informed by Ms. Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante, Board Chair of NAFTI, and Chairperson for the occasion that no graduate of NAFTI, which is who they will be in four years is an ordinary graduate.

“In a couple of years, you will leave here with power; power to control the world through the stories you tell and your lens. You will tell your story from your perspective and point of view, thus controlling the narrative. The question is, what story will you tell? How will you influence others with the tool you will walk away with?”, said Ms. Asante.


Ms. Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante, Board Chair of NAFTI

The NAFTI Board Chair reminded matriculants that a long line of people have worked long and hard to ensure that the Institute is where it is today, and she advised that whatever they find themselves doing after completing NAFTI, should not be done just for doing sake, but with a responsibility to make a positive impact.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng, Board Chair of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (gbc), and Guest Speaker at the ceremony, urged matriculants to shun unethical tendencies in order not to fall foul of the rules and regulations of the Institute.

According to Rev. Adow Obeng, NAFTI, in keeping to its core mandate, has been able to produce great personalities who are doing exploits in the Creative Arts Industry in Ghana and Africa. He congratulated matriculants on making the decision to study at NAFTI, which he said is an excellent move.

“Film and television are significant modes of communication for development of nations and they shape the identity of citizens while harnessing the drive of the public towards preferred paths of socio-economic development. The current direction of film education training in Ghana is instructive in the sense that it is profoundly regarded as the technical grounds for formation and cultivation of individual filmmaking talent”, stated Rev. Adow Obeng.

To management of the Institute, Rev. Adow Obeng advised that a critical review should be done of the content of the curriculum and the delivery approach to enable graduates through film production help in educating citizens about the significance of maintaining the cultural and moral values of Ghana, which are gradually being eroded by foreign indoctrinations.

The Guest Speaker stated that his presence at the ceremony was to signify the importance that the current Board of GBC attach to the long-standing relationship between GBC and NAFTI.

“This relationship seems to have waned over the years and the current Board of GBC is of the strong view that the relationship should be stoked and fired up again. The Management of GBC and NAFTI are currently working on a final copy of a Memorandum of Understanding that will spell out clear lines of engagement between the Corporation and the Institute”, added Rev. Adow Obeng.

Dr. Samuel Anyetei Nai, Rector of NAFTI informed all present that the Matriculation Ceremony provides the opportunity for matriculants to pledge their allegiance to the authority of the Institute through the administration of the Matriculation Oath after which matriculants will be expected to sign a bond of good behaviour and accept the authority of all those in whom authority has been vested in the Institute.

“You will also, by the same token, be expected to contribute your quota to enhancing NAFTI’s image, and ensure that you do not bring the name of this great Institution into disrepute”, Dr. Nai admonished the matriculants.

Mr. Astus Ahiagble, General Manager of GHOne and President of the NAFTI Alumni Association, and Mr. Abdulai Awudu, General Manager of Multimedia Group, both alumni of NAFTI gave words of advice and encouragement to the new entrants into the Institute.

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