Production Design

The BFA Production Design programme is under the Film Artistic Department. The BFA in Production Design program is designed to equip production designers with the latest conceptual and practical skills needed to succeed and thrive as professional designers in the Film/Television industry. The program encourages designers to discover their own conceptual approach to design for the film while collaborating with fellow production and visual effects specialists in the realization of short movies with high production values. This programme is also designed to enable students to acquire the basic principles of how to develop a visual concept, design the set, create the budget, and work together in a team to build the finished set. Major topics include drafting, set design, budgeting, construction, painting, and staging. Students pitch design proposals and work together on the selected design to complete the finished set which is used in a production at the end of the term. Emphasis is laid on applying the techniques in a workshop environment and students are expected to perform a variety of artistic and practical tasks. As a designer, one needs to be able to render accurate floor plans, elevations, and design details. The student explores several art movements in art history, which are the foundation for art and its application in film design. In addition, students learn about location scouting and surveying, stage and location management, sourcing props, and the management of budgets and production schedules. The course provides students with the opportunity to design and create unique costumes and make-up designs to define characters for productions.