NAFTI Alumnus wins at FESPACO 2019
Published on : 14-Mar -2019    Source : NAFTI

Peter, Lauren and Adams MensahPeter Sedufia, a National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) alumnus made Ghana proud by winning the second prize for the best story (screenplay) at the 50th Anniversary of Africa’s biggest film festival, FESPACO in the Burkinabe capital Ouagadougou with his film, Keteke.

Keteke which proved to be very popular among filmmakers, critics and film enthusiasts at the festival was one of the two films which was screened at the opening ceremony of the eight-day event. It features Ghanaian movie stars, Adjetey Annan and Lydia Forson – a husband and his pregnant wife – who were bent on having their first child born in the city. The story whose setting is in the 1980s captures how the couple missed the only train that plies the route to the city and the ensuing arguments, quarrels, suspense, humor, guts, and wits which characterized their journey as they soldiered on foot, mostly through thick forests,  in a frantic effort to catch the next available train to the city.

The film was incidentally produced by one of Peter’s lecturers at NAFTI, Lauren Manaa Abdallah with over 80 percent of the production crew being NAFTI students (cinematography, art directing, sound, editing etc).

To a number of movies enthusiast what makes this lecturer-student collaboration an attention-grabber is the creative manner in which the story is told through scintillating photography, great conversation and classic music.  

A Ouagadougou-based Ghanaian filmmaker, Ambrose Cooke made it two for Ghana by grabbing the first prize in the Television series category.

But it was a Rwandan Filmmaker Joel Karekezi who stole the show by winning the ultimate Etalon De Yennenga (Golden Stallon) prize with his film “The Mercy of the Jungle”. The second grand prize went to Egyptian director, Khaled Youssef who directed the film “Karma” while “Fatua”, directed by Tunisian filmmaker Ben Mahmoud won the bronze Etalon De Yennenga prize.

Below is the full list of films which won various prizes for different competitive categories.

Long Film Category

1st Prize – “The Mercy of the Jungle” by Joel Karekezi (Rwanda)

2nd Prize – “Karma” by Khaled Youssef (Egypt)

3rd Prize – “Fatwa” by Ben Mahmoud (Tunisia)

Long Documentary Category

1st Prize – “Balolé Golden Wolf” by Aïcha Boro Leterrier (Burkina Faso)

2nd Prize – “When Arabs Danced” by Jawad Rhalib (Morocco)

3rd Prize – “Whispering truth to power” by Shameela Seedat (South Africa)

Short Film Category

1st Prize – “Black Mamba” by Armel Guellaty (Tunisia)

2nd Prize – “A place in the plane” by Khadidiatou Sow (Senegal)

3rd Prize – “An air of Kora” by Angèle Diabang (Senegal)

Short Documentary Category

1st Prize – “Against all odds” by Chartity Resian Nampaso and Andrea Ianetta (Kenya / Italy).

2nd Prize – “Thus spoke Felix” by Nantenaina Lova (Madagascar)

3rd Prize – “Tata Milouda” by Nadja Harek (Algeria / France).

Animation Film Category

1st Prize – “Briska” by Nadia Rais (Tunisia).

2nd Prize – “A Kalabanda ate my homework” by Raymond Malinga (Uganda).

3rd Prize – “Da tsysy da” by Tojo Niaina Rajaofera (Madagascar).

TV Series Category

1st Prize – “Little Stories, Great Truths” by Ambrose Cooke (Ghana).

2nd Prize – “Blog” by Melyou Akré Loba Diby (Ivory Coast).

School Awards Category

1st Prize – “The retirement home” by Ismaël Césaire Kafando (ISISI-SE of Burkina Faso).

2nd Prize - “Misunderstood” by Jaures Koukpemedji (ISMA of Benin).

Sub – Category Awards

Oumarou Ganda Prize for Feature Film – “Until the end of time” by Yasmine Chouikh (Algeria)

Best editing – “Mabata bata” by Joan Luis Sol of Carvalho (Mozambique).

Best décor – “Desrances” by Apolline Traoré (Burkina Faso).

Best Music – “Sew the winter to my sky” by Jahmil Qubeka (South Africa).

Best sound – “Karma” by Khaled Youssef (Egypt).

Best Photography – “Mabata bata” by Joan Luis Sol of Carvalho (Mozambique).

2nd Prize (best screenplay) – “Kétéké” by Peter Sedufia (Ghana).

1st Prize (best screenplay) – “Look at me” by Nejib Belkadhi (Tunisia).

Best Actress – Samantha Mugotsia in “Rafiki” by Ranuri Kahiu (Kenya).

Best Actor – Marc Zinga in “The Mercy of the Jungle” by Joel Karekezi’s (Rwanda).

This year marks the 26th edition of the biennial event which was created in 1969.

The festival seeks to provide a platform for African filmmakers to establish working relationships, exchange ideas and promote their works.

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