NAFTI Holds 2nd Edition of Fresh Craft Project
Published on : 25-Mar -2019    Source : NAFTI

Fresh Craft Web Series

The National Film and Television Institute has held the 2nd session of the Fresh Craft project.

The objective of this project is to bring together young filmmakers from various institutions, to share ideas and strengthen film education in African storytelling.

The project which is an initiative of the Film School Network saw students from three film institutions, namely, Maisha Lab in Uganda, the Berlin Film School in Germany and NAFTI in Ghana, come together to share ideas on the creation of a web series.

The first part of this project was done in Uganda, where the students went through the process of developing scripts for the creation of a web series.

The second part of the project was held in Ghana, where the students continued to build up on the scripts.

Mr. George Bosompim, a lecturer at NAFTI and one of the mentors of the project said, “we have gotten to the 2nd draft of the scripts and we will continue to build up on the script. The usual is to do about 7 drafts before you get the final script. There will also be a third session in Ghana, where we will produce the web series and editing will be done in Germany. We also intend to send the film to the Berlin Film Festival.”

Fresh Craft Accra

The project gave students from different backgrounds the platform to share ideas on how to develop the plot and characters based on the Ghanaian narrative and perspective.

According to Joel Tugaineyo, a student from Uganda, “I want this workshop to grow beyond just a training exercise, I also want to tell a powerful story that is authentically African. Through this project, I want to touch on something dramatic and something that touches on different aspect of our lives, especially as Africans.”

The five day event ended with a symposium which had renowned filmmakers, Peter Sedufia and Ivan Quashigah talk about the film business in Ghana.

Fresh Craft Accra, Symposium

The symposium touched on the challenges faced by Ghanaian filmmakers in directing, funding, viewership, alongside the success experienced by these directors and the movie industry as a whole.

The Film School Network project was initiated in 2016 and is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office and managed by the Goethe-Institut, Johannesburg.

The Film School Network aims at strengthening film education by facilitating meaningful collaboration and exchange between institutions and initiatives dedicated to film training.

The Film School Network consists of a diverse group of organizations, ranging from tertiary institutions to private schools, to initiatives such as Fresh Craft, thereby offering practical on-set training, from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. 

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