Bridging the Gap: A Thrilling Animation Training Program Recap

On May 9, 2024, the "Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academia in Animation" training program brought together a vibrant ecosystem under one roof! Huge thanks to Radiance Girl Africa for organizing, UNIMAC Institute of Film and Television for hosting, and Fidelity Bank Ghana & Animators Association of Ghana for sponsoring this impactful event.

A Powerful Gathering

The program wasn't just about learning; it was about connection. We had the privilege of hosting industry professionals, professors, students, investors, and animation enthusiasts—a true meeting of minds dedicated to fostering the future of animation. This diverse group fueled an inspiring atmosphere where students could learn from seasoned professionals and academics alike.

Insights from a Leading Animator

Internationally renowned animator and artist, Karen-Happuch P. Henneh, graced the event as the keynote speaker. Her insights on building a strong portfolio resonated with aspiring animators. Ms. Henneh emphasized the importance of a well-curated online portfolio as the key to showcasing one's skills and securing opportunities. She dove deeper into building a strong online presence and mastering the art of pitching, a crucial skill for securing project support. Her expert guidance covered both elevator pitches and formal pitches, equipping students with the tools they need to effectively communicate their creative vision.

An Interactive Learning Experience

The program wasn't just a lecture. The Q&A session buzzed with energy as students eagerly sought advice from industry pros and professors. This interactive session provided valuable insights and empowered students to navigate their animation careers.

Building Bridges, Building Careers

The program culminated in a dynamic networking session, fostering connections between aspiring animators and established figures in the field. This exchange of ideas and potential collaborations solidified the program's impact on bridging the gap between academia and industry.

A Look to the Future

The "Bridging the Gap" program was a resounding success, igniting a spark of creativity and equipping students with the knowledge and connections to thrive in the ever-evolving animation industry. With the digital landscape constantly changing, it's crucial to invest in the skills and knowledge of our creative minds. This program is a testament to the power of such investment and a glimpse into the exciting future of animation.

The future is animated!