Study Tour by Ghana Armed Forces Students

About 47 Ghana Armed Forces students and instructors have paid a visit to UniMAC-NAFTI for a study tour.
The study tour is to help them to obtain first-hand knowledge of the activities in the school which will be helpful in their Basic Course 1,2 and 3.

During the tour, the Ghana Armed Forces students and instructors watched some short films produced by some of the students of UniMAC NAFTI and they were allowed to share their opinion on the films.
They also had access to explore the school’s studios. At the broadcast journalism TV studio, they were passed through the process of TV News production and they had a practical session on it and same as the Radio studio and the Film and Television Studio.

In a conversation with some of the Ghana Armed Forces students off-the-record, they mentioned that, “they’re surprised to see all the equipment being used by the institutes and they now understand how UniMAC-NAFTI is capable of producing professionals in the industry”.

Story By Nelisa Aba Fawks
National Service Personnel