UniMAC pays tribute to the outgoing Rector of IFT formerly NAFTI

The University of Media Arts and Communication(UniMAC) has paid glowing tribute to the outgoing Rector of the Institute of Film and Television (IFT) formerly known as NAFTI. Dr. Samuel Anyetei Nai was appointed as the 7th Rector of NAFTI in 2017. He is retiring from the IFT after the UniMAC council extended his tenure.  The Vice Chancellor of UniMAC Professor Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo has convened a staff durbar to bid Dr Nai farewell to introduce Dr Ramatu Mustapha Dadzie as the acting Rector. Prof. Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo expressed gratitude to Dr. Nai for his sterling leadership qualities and wished him a happy retirement.

As an alumnus of NAFTI and GIJ, Dr. Nai was appointed Rector from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) where he served as a lecturer in Film and Media Studies at the Department of Theatre and Film Studies.  He also practiced widely in the creative industry writing scripts, co-directing, editing, and has featured in productions in and outside Ghana. In his farewell speech, Dr. Nai charged the teaching staff of the IFT to prioritize research and publication.  “We are in a new dispensation. It is not going to be like the old NAFTI. The only way forward is to start research and publication, for academic staff|”, he stressed.

He expressed confidence in the ability of his successor to succeed, having been conversant with the challenges of his office in her previous capacity of Dean and Director of Academics.

Significant achievements

Dr. Nai said although most of his achievements may not be visible, he considers them significant in positioning the then NAFTI to acquire a tertiary status.

“When I came in, there were issues, issues of migrating onto a tertiary platform. We were not really a university in terms of structures. in terms of promotions, and so on and so forth. We still had and old act which was more like a public service unit. So we had to work on migrating and it was one of the most difficult challenges, migrating the old school unto a tertiary platform so that remuneration and allowances will be in tandem with a tertiary status”, he lamented.

He also considers the resumption of promotions which have stalled for nearly twenty years as a major development that motivated staff to give off their best.

Pressing challenges

Despite these achievements, Dr. Nai said there were some pressing challenges including difficulties in obtaining funds for the completion of infrastructural projects. He was hopeful that the engagement initiated by his administration will be fruitful.

“The administration before my administration started with the project. It was getting funding for the uncompleted studios and we had to go through so many phases. We have pushed it to a point where I believe that it is going to happen”, he stated.