Our Library

You are warmly welcome to the Institute of Film and Television Library. The library provides scholarly information resources (print and electronic), learning facilities, and information services to support the Institute's mission and strategic plan of turning out first-class scholars and professionals in film and television. To this end, we are continuously developing our collections, services, and facilities.

Our library holds a total stock of approximately 9,544 materials including books, journals, audio-visual materials, newspapers, long essays, and magazines.

The collections cover the Institute's core disciplines of Film, Television, Multimedia, and Broadcast Journalism. Additionally, it holds a range of Documentaries, Feature Films, Adverts, Music Playbacks, and Television Productions and a Repository of all films produced by students of the Institute.

The library has a sitting capacity of about 123 including research and knowledge commons and a film archive.

We are guided by a user-centered philosophy, as such, we recognize our users as our core business. We provide responsive services that are tailored to their needs and endeavor to exceed their expectations.

We support our users through the education and inquiry processes in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in research, media, and information literacy.

Our dedicated staff are always available to assist you in making effective and efficient use of our resources.

Please, your concerns and suggestions are always welcome to help us shape and improve our resources and facilities in order to serve you better.

Beatrice Korkor Agyemang (Ph.D)

(Head Librarian)


To promote academic excellence in Media Arts by providing quality information resources, facilities, and innovative services that foster teaching, learning, and research activities.


To provide access to scholarly information resources and facilities through innovative services that stimulate creativity and intellectual curiosity that advance lifelong learning and research within the Institute and beyond.

Core values

Our core values include embracing excellence, growth, user-driven services, partnership, professionalism, reliability, and credibility.