Finance Department

It is the vision of the NAFTI Finance Department that, with the right caliber of staff, commitment, reliability, dedication to duty, honesty, and integrity, NAFTI will attain Excellence in Media Training.

The Department is divided into two (2) i.e. Accounting & Finance, and Stores. The Department is responsible for obtaining funds referred to as subvention from the Government of Ghana (GoG) as well as other sources, also referred to as Internally Generated Funds (IGF). These funds are used to run the financial operations of the Institute.

The internally generated funds involve the mobilization of revenue through the collection of school fees, receipts from the hiring of facilities, and provision of accommodation facilities for staff and students. These incomes are used for the payment of approved expenditures such as compensation of employees, procurement of goods and services as well as the acquisition of fixed assets.

Students are required to pay school fees at any branch of GCB Bank Plc.
The deposit slip from GCB Bank or Bank of Ghana (in respect of foreign students) should be submitted to the Institute’s Finance Office, where an official receipt, bearing the name and level of the student would be issued. The payment details will then be entered onto the student portal by the Finance office, to enable the student complete the registration process online.
Payment of programme fee with Cash at the Institute may not be accepted.

Please call the Institute’s Finance Office at +233-(0)303-974442/+233-(0)544909095 Ext 1011 for the prevailing exchange rate in respect of foreign students who wish to pay their fees in Ghana cedis equivalent.