Vision, Mission & Core Values

The National Film and Television Institute is directed towards training in the techniques and aesthetics through theory and practice of film, television, and other related media to meet the dynamic standards of the profession without compromising cultural identity.

Build the best media arts training institution in Africa and beyond.

Exists to transform potential talents in media arts through education using theory, practice, and research to become highly competitive and culturally relevant.

NAFTI believes in impressing on students that film and television are expressions towards the development of the intellectual, philosophical, and cultural ideals of our people, and:

  • promotes professional education that produces high-caliber media personnel who will effect change in perception and attitude of society.
  • seeks to provide students with the ability to use problem-solving skills effectively in creative teamwork situations.
  • is open to guiding students in research and debating skills.
  • encourages students to engage in constructive criticism of productions.
  • seeks to provide fulfillment of aspirations by preparing students for careers in Film, TV, and other media-related industries.
  • encourages students to be confident and to acquire skills to develop their areas of specialization.
  • believes in imbuing the students with entrepreneurial skills.