General Administration

The Office of the Registrar is the center-nerve of all administrative activities of the Institute implementing policies and providing administrative support and services to staff and students. The Office is responsible for coordinating the various administrative functions within the Institute to achieve the Institute’s vision and mission. It is also responsible for all correspondences within and outside the Institute. The Registrar who is responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administration of the Institute is the Chief Administrator who heads the Administration Department. He also serves as Secretary to the Board of Governors and the Audit Committee of the Institute.

As the pivot of administration of the Institute, the Registry works in collaboration with other departments to effectively carry out the Institute’s objectives. The Office acts as the custodian of official documents relating to staff and students’ records, policy documents, and any information pertaining to the Institute. The department is responsible for all matters pertaining to staff and students, recruitment and promotion of teaching and non-teaching staff, staff training, workshops, the welfare of staff as well as students’ admission, matriculation, congregation, and other functions of the Institute.

For the smooth and efficient running of the Registry as a department, it is currently undergoing restructuring to divide the Department into the following units i.e. General Administration, Human Resource, Public Relations, Alumni Relations, and an International Students Office. The Registrar’s main office will coordinate the activities of these other units.

The Registrar is ably supported by a group of Administrators consisting of Assistant Registrars, Junior Assistant Registrar, Principal Administrative Assistant, and Senior Administrative Assistants who handle various duties and serve on Committees.

By virtue of the role of the Office as custodian of records of the institute, the office of the Registrar strives to maintain high standards and excellence, professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity in discharging its duties