Working Visit of UniMAC Interim Management Team

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. K. Kwansah-Aidoo of the University of Media, Arts, and Communication has described “the merger of the three institutions as a fantastic idea”.

He made this known during a visit by the interim management of the University of Media, Arts, and Communication (UniMAC) to meet with the staff of NAFTI.

In his address, Prof. K. Kwansah-Aidoo said that he has always known about NAFTI in some form and has been interested in what is going on. Now fate has made him to be directly involved with its affairs.

He also stated that “all I want to say is that this is a rather unique opportunity and I know that any new venture and change is difficult but if we approach it with the right attitude and the right determination to make it work, it will work”.

He also assured that the merger will not lead to job losses and urged both parties should grab the opportunity and be determined to give off their best.

The interim management team which is headed by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. K. Kwansah-Aidoo includes Dr. Sika Akoto (Ag. Registrar for UniMAC), Mr. Francis Obeng (Ag. Director of Finance), Professor Eric Opoku Mensah (Ag. Rector, GIJ), Dr. Samuel Nai (Rector, NAFTI) and Dr. Sampson Fenoku (Rector, GIL).

Story by Nelisa Fawks

National Service Personnel.