Film Directing

The BFA Film Directing programme is under the Film Artistic Department. The mission of the BFA Film Directing program is to rigorously train storytellers mainly in film production but will treat some aspects of television and digital media to give the students broader knowledge in the media arts space. The course of study includes four years of lectures, presentations, creative workshops in all areas of filmmaking (for two years), and finally specialization in documentary and feature filmmaking (in the last two years of the programme). Students are immersed in the principles and working methods of a variety of genres and dramatic forms. The programme also introduces students to several generic/ foundational courses such as film appreciation and aesthetics, media and society, digital innovation, and arts and culture. Through multiple exercises, short films, and script projects, students are encouraged to explore their understanding of the medium, with the ultimate goal of establishing each student’s personal voice as a screenwriter and director. Faculty actively encourage students to develop professional collaborations that last throughout film school and beyond to foster the environment of mutual support that is believed to be essential to the creation of a film.