Rector's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to one of the premier film schools in sub-Saharan Africa. The National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) is currently a part of the University of Media, Arts, and Communication (UMAC), a dynamic training environment for professional media practitioners.

As Rector, my vision is to promote professional education that produces high caliber media personnel who will effect change in perception and attitude of society at all levels in the Creative Arts and serve as a beacon of hope in rejuvenating interest in higher education within the arts for national development.

We aspire to build the best media arts training institution in Africa and beyond. In line with this vision, the Institute has gone through transformational phases in every aspect of the academic facet. The Institute is now in a better position to provide our cherished students with a hands-on practical professional experience second to none, integrating research and related media to meet the dynamic standards of the profession without compromising cultural identity.

Currently, NAFTI is the only institution in Ghana that offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in internationally recognized production-based programmes in film, television, broadcast journalism, and multimedia production

NAFTI’s products are well represented in the media industries in Ghana and beyond. The products of NAFTI constitute the critical backbone of the film and television industry as well as in all areas of the electronic media in Ghana.

Join NAFTI and experience our dedicated staff for an exciting and inspiring academic pursuit. Once again, I welcome all partners, prospective applicants, and especially our international students in pursuit of excellence in media training.