Film and TV Techniques

The Film Techniques Department of the National Film and Television Institute, which was established in 2013 is an academic training department made up of three units in filmmaking, namely Cinematography, Sound, and Editing. These units existed as separate departments originally. The Department runs a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Motion Picture Photography, Film Sound Production, and Editing. It also runs Certificate and Diploma Programmes in Film and Television Techniques. The Department also collaborates with the Film Artistic Department for the major student productions which enables sharing of ideas, teamwork, and sharpening of practical skills.

The goals of the department are to see graduates from the department, enter the Industry with the needed knowledge and skills that would make them relevant to the ever-changing Film and Television Industry at all times, thus working always to deliver the needed training that would make the Department’s programme attractive to meet Industry needs. Also, for the staff within the department to have the freedom to train students through creative ways in making the pedagogy relevant and interesting for the entire teaching and learning process. To afford a synergy of ideas between students and lecturers through research and practice.

The Motto for the department is ‘designed to synergize’.