Film and TV Artistic

The Film Artistic Department runs a four-year programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree. The department also offers short courses and Diploma programs that culminate in industry-recognized certifications. The Film Artistic Department leads the overall ideations and conceptualization processes of NAFTI’s artistic outputs.

The Department has two units under it (Directing and Design Units). The Directing unit comprises three main areas of specialization; Film Directing, Television Production, and Documentary Production. The second comprises the Production Design and Animation programmes.

The department offers students a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the process of production, from script to screen, focusing on narrative, technique, aesthetics, and performance in addition, the animation student acquires the specific tools and experience essential to creating lively animated characters while the Production Designer gets a better understanding for selecting locations, creating settings and the importance of the unity between make-up, costumes, and the set.

Apart from these, liberal courses are also offered and these help the students to have a broad scope that will help them to fit in wherever they might find themselves.

Film Artistic students work in collaboration with their counterparts in other areas of specialization such as Sound, Cinematography, and Editing among others, to bring out their visions in the various productions.