NAFTI Receives Critical Academic Books to Boost Research and Scholarship

Musician and music scholar Professor Austin Maro Emielu has presented some academic books to the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI). The Scholar, who also holds a Ph.D. degree in the performing arts (music emphasis), was contracted last year by NAFTI, as a consultant to train staff on academic writing and publication. The six months training was held as a means to groom staff of NAFTI in academic writing and publication and to also encourage lecturers to publish more.

Professor Emielu showed his appreciation to NAFTI for choosing him as the resource person for the training by presenting the school with 13 books which cover mass communication theory, academic writing, critical thinking, music, as well as a digital audio recording interface to aid in recording voice overs and sounds.

According to Professor Emielu, the books are “critical to academic writing and research” for which he was engaged by the institute therefore, presenting these books to NAFTI will help build on the foundation he has initiated.

He further stated that he hopes to see more lecturers publishing and impart that kind of knowledge into their students and also hopes to see students combine content development and production with scholarship.

Dr. Samuel Anyetei Nai, Rector of NAFTI, Heads of departments and members of management who were present expressed appreciation and promised to make good use of the books and also make them available for students as well.  Students and faculty are encouraged to visit the reference section of the library to savour the rich resources in the books.