Published on : 29-May -2017    Source : NAFTI

Eyram Evans AdorkorEyram Evans Adorkor popularly known as Igwe is a young CEO and a Playwright at Kritik Productions, a company that is dedicated to bringing thought provoking and fun packed live theatre and film projects to all demographics.

Eyram Evans Adorkor is also a director-producer and has been producing live theatre in Ghana for the past 8 years.

His theatre productions engage about 35 creative personalities who use their creative talents to entertain a varied audience. His kind of theatre is interspersed with music and dance as part of the story telling. He has in his repertoire plays like Lovers’ Agony, Mirror on the Wall, Women’s Oxymoron – Men’s Mistake, Till Issues do us Part, Thorns and An August Visit.

As a creative filmmaker studying directing at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), he has used theatre performance as a tool for social gathering where young Ghanaians share ideas, and he wishes to improve on the structures of using theatre as a social podium where the youth can come up with ideas to solve problems in Ghana.

He has worked in various aspects of the theatre arts at Roverman Productions and has had the opportunity to work with one of the best theatre directors and playwrights in Ghana since 2008; Uncle Ebo Whyte.

Eyram Evans Adorkor has a working history with the National Theatre of Ghana and the Ghana Actors’ Guild and has been part of historical performances in Ghana.
He is currently working on a traditional television series titled Dzigbeza, which explores a sense of cultural identity, brotherliness, unity and communal feeling.

A play written and directed by Eyram Evans Adorkor.


  • *RAS POPO: Women always know when their men cheat, they have a network that never fails them…


  • *NII: Waa look. Using the toe to determine our manhood. Does it mean if you have a big toe, you have a bigger manhood?


  • *RAS POPO: Men too always get it wrong when it comes to the world of women; using their back to determine how deep they would be, we also always get it wrong.


  • *BRIGHT: Perfect Women want Drama... they are drama queens. They want something to talk about when they meet their friends.


  • *James: No. A home is not just a house. There is a big difference…


  • *AKORFA: You still don't get it, ‘Sometimes, the only bible people would ever read is our way of life’.


Catch these and more live at the premises of the Evangelical Presbyterian Bethel Church Accra Newtown.

Eyram’s TV series Coming Soon.

Slots are open for sponsorship and product placement on the Dzigbeza series Episodes 1-12.

Kritik Productions: Every second counts. Every moment is a lovely experience.



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